About BAC


The Boyle Activity Council is a volunteer committee dedicated to providing the Old East Village neighbourhood with affordable recreation opportunities. The BAC, along with key community partners, offer programs for residents of all ages.

Community Partners Survey
The Community Partners in the Old East Village (Boyle Activity Council, Boyle CC, LIHC, Scouts, Carson Library, OEVCA, Childreach) are working together to provide programs and services to all residents. Please take a moment to complete our survey and let us know if we can better serve the needs of you and your family.

Mission Statement
To provide affordable, accessible and quality recreational and leisure activities in a safe and positive environment for the members of the local community.


The Boyle Activity Council consists of three rings of participants. The inner ring consists of the Residents of the community and other associations or groups. These are the stakeholders in the council. The next ring consists of Program Facilitators. The outer ring consists of the Executive Council. The Executive Council members are required to have been a Program Facilitator of good standing for at least one program in order to be eligible for election. The Executive Council seeks information via surveys and general meetings from the stakeholders on projects, programs and events that they are interested in taking part in, and then determine if these prrograms would be consistent with the Mission Statement (and if the group has the capability, support, equipment and Program Facilitators to offer the program). If the requirements are all met, the group will create and run the program, and evaluate the program's success.


Executive Council
This consists of at least four core members; Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Program Coordinator. Other executive positions may be created as needed. This group as a whole, will meet no less than on a quarterly basis.

Program Facilitators
All members of this group who have any contact with children must complete a police screening check.
This group will fluctuate in numbers and will be sought out by the Executive Council to help run the ongoing programs and/or special events. They will be assisted by the Program Coordinator and given an orientation prior to running any program. This group can be broken down into the following subsets:

  • Coach: anyone who coaches a sports team
  • Instructor: someone who leads a non-sport related program
  • Volunteer: those that give freely of their time to help in any capacity with the Council.
  • Committee Member: individuals who choose to help organize a specific one-time event run by the Council.

Residents and Associations
Any participant, parent, member of an external association or member of the community. These individuals are invited to attend any open meetings to provide feedback and suggestions to the Executive Council in regard to programming ideas. The Council is not bound to act upon the suggestions of the community; this is especially true if the suggestion is not consistent with the BAC's Mission Statement.


The Boyle Activity Council requires many dedicated volunteers to successfully run the mini soccer program, as well as many sport, art and other programs. Coaches, program facilitators and special event volunteers are needed each season! To become a volunteer, contact the BAC today by email or phone, or in person at registration!

Sponsors are also needed for the mini soccer program! If you, or your company, are able to support our program, please contact us today! All sponsors are appropriately acknowledged on team jerseys.

2012-2013 BAC Executive

Chair Jason Ahrens
Vice Chair Joe Pruim
Treasurer Tony Sulkowski
Secretary Ellen Husk
Special Events Coordinator Sarah Howard
Director at Large
Jennifer Diplock
Director at Large
Erin Schned
Director at Large
Kevin Greene
Director at Large
Adam Flint
Director at Large
David Blakemore
Director at Large
Maryann Patterson
Director at Large
Raquel Lenati
Webmaster Scott Howard