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Family Community Kitchen

Winter 2024

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Monday, March 4, 2024 5-7pm

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Are you interested in potentially volunteering with Boyle Council? If yes, we may reach out to you at a later date.


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Accident & Injury

By ticking the checkbox below, I hereby release and hold harmless the Boyle Memorial Community Centre and all other persons or entities associated with the Boyle Memorial Community Centre from any and all injury or damage, for any claims or causes  whatsoever, for any loss or injury suffered by me, or members of my family, while on the Boyle Memorial Community Centre property, or while participating in any function conducted or sponsored by the Boyle Memorial Community Centre/Boyle Activity Council, however the accident or injury occurred.

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Please pay by credit card by selecting "STRIPE" below. If you are genuinely unable to pay by credit card, please select "offline payment" and immediately e-transfer Interac payment in full to A password is not necessary, but please be careful to include the family name and event date in the message-to-recipient area so we know what and who you are paying for! Cash payments are very time consuming for volunteers and are accepted only in exceptional circumstances. Thank you for your understanding!